Hello, I’m Dr. Stephanie,

An educator by trade, a student of lifelong learning and fascinated with Functional Medicine!

I completed my certification training for Health and Wellness Coaching, through the oldest most respected program in the industry, from Wellcoaches Core Coach Training & Certification Programs. It was important to me to go to a top school, so I was able to bring my client’s the best knowledge, information, and resources! The book for this program is now used widely in academic courses in coaching psychology and health and wellness coaching, including a Science of Coaching Psychology Course at Harvard University’s Extension School. My program is accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

I completed my Certified Functional Medicine Coaching Education and testing through The School of Applied Functional Medicine, which has an equally rigorous, and much more intense, certification and educational process, requiring completion through a Medical Review Board, through The School of Applied Functional Medicine. We all only get only get one life, and helping others enjoy said life, to the fullest, through optimal health and wellness, is one of my many passions!

Becoming a client of mine means not only, are you are in the care of someone who loves what they do, but also, has taken the time to educate themselves in this field and pass rigorous testing and continuing education, well over the minimum requirements. I do this, as a commitment to the clients I serve, so that I stay up with the latest information in the health field and I pass that information along to you. So, rest assured, you are in the hands of a trained, credentialed professional that loves what she does and has been a trusted and sought after Professor, and Administrative Educator for the last two decades helping and directing successful individuals to reach their career goals and full potential!

My goal is to educate, support and empower everyone I work with! I will provide all the motivation and information you need to create a wellness plan that works for your lifestyle.

I am committed to helping people realize their own potential and achieve vibrant health! I take an integrative approach to wellness, with a comprehensive focus on nutrition, emotional balance, natural ways to relieve stress, and customized programs to support optimal health and well-being.

Health and Happiness, -Dr. Stephanie


Certified Wellcoach
Certifications Achieved 2017:

Certified Health and Wellness Certification (CHWC) is endorsed by the strategic partners, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, designed for professionals with expertise such as: weight, nutrition, fitness, stress or mind/body medicine, lifestyle medicine, chronic disease, and mental health.

The Coaching Psychology Manual is the foundation of the Wellcoaches Core Coach Training & Certification Programs, and it is now used widely in academic courses on coaching psychology and health and wellness coaching, including Coaching Psychology Courses at Harvard University Extension School.

ACSM AND ACLM ENDORSED |Wellcoaches Core Coach Training:

• Key skills and dynamics to facilitate lasting change
• Elicit mindful self-awareness and insights
• Apply self-determination theory and motivational interviewing techniques to support clients in uncovering the autonomous motivation needed for change
• Leverage the science of positive psychology to help clients apply their strengths and gain the capacity to adapt to setbacks
• Help clients develop self-efficacy and resilience
• Provide expert advice or referrals
• Principles of goal-setting theory to help clients design engaging visions and goals that spur them to go beyond what they can do alone

Core Coach Training topics completed and passed, 2017:

• Differentiating the coaching philosophy from the expert philosophy into partnership
• Establishing growth-promoting relationships
• Coaching presence
• Expressing compassion through empathy
• Building positive emotions for resilience
• Building self-efficacy
• Readiness to change
• Building powerful visions
• Crafting designs for behavior based goal setting
• Creating generative (ah-ha!) moments
• Appreciative goal review

The Functional Medicine Coaching Program, Applied Functional Medicine for Coaching™ (AFMC) certification through the School of Applied Functional Medicine included such courses as:

Clinical Courses Taken and passed, 2018-current:

-Adrenal and Thyroid: Myths and Truths
-Cellular Metabolism: How and Why we Feel Energetic (or Not)
-Disease Begins in the Gut 101/202
-Hormones Demystified
-Reversing Diabetes
-Understanding Allergy and Asthma

Anchoring Essentials Courses taken and passed, 2018-current:

-Open Coaching Calls – ALL levels (17 consecutive months)
-Disease 101/202
-Introduction to Mapping
-Supplements/Nutrients 101/202
-Mind-Body Connection and the Placebo Effect
-Lab-work 101/202
-Puzzle Piecing Cases – Core 101/Advanced 202

Additional Training and Certifications completed past schooling 2018 and beyond:

-Dr. Chris Masterjohn’s Nutrition course
-Dr. Alan Hopkins Labwork courses and YourLabwork platform
-Health Means, multiple topics on: Gut healing, Toxicity, Periomenopause, Autoimmune, Immune Defense and Thyroid issues.

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Dr. Bryan Treacy

Dr. Bryan Treacy started out as a Medical Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology for the last 29 years with thousands of successful surgeries and deliveries in his field and is well known for being the first in Oklahoma to do robotic vaginal surgeries.

He was a previous member of The Age Management Medical Group and eventually found an interest in Physician Management through the American College of Physician Executives. His plan was to transition into a half practice, and half a administrative role, but was so busy in private practice he lost the ability to focus on areas of medicine he really enjoyed, so he transitioned into Health and Wellness Coaching six years ago and back into teaching at the university level.

He currently has an academic appointment at State Fair Community College as an adjunct professor in the Department of Biology as well. He loves to share his knowledge!

It has been rewarding for him to get back into teaching as he was a faculty member in the Department of OB/GYN for 7 years at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He loves teaching his clients on an ongoing basis now as well which was a perfect partnership with Dr. Stephanie being an educator and professor herself.

He partners with Catalyst Group, Inc.-with a focus on Age management medicine has been engaged in that field since 2013 and will be Health Coaching supporting our clients wellness journeys. His training is as follows: 

  • Hormone Balance for Women and Men
  • Sexual dysfunction for Women and Men including erectile dysfunction for men
  • Recommendations to reduce cardiac risk factors
  • Management of Chronic -Pain Syndrome without opioids
  • Weaning of anxiolytics for patients using benzodiazepines
  • Addiction counseling and weaning of opiate medications
  • Management of Chronic Inflammatory conditions
  • Weight loss management and maintenance after weight loss
  • Sleep management
  • Anxiety and depression management

He uses his SHINING protocol on his clients which he defines as:

H-Hormone Balance
I-Inflammation reduction
I-Immunity boost
N-Natural approaches
G-Get moving

He had a nurse practitioner call him the SHINE doctor after teaching her that protocol, so we will continue to call him Dr. Shine also!!!

Welcome Bryan, we are happy to add you to the team, together we are now a collaboration of traditional and functional medicine, the combining of the best of both worlds for our clients!

Contact me today, to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION, and let's get started!

During this 15 minute phone session via, pone or telehealth session, I will answer all your questions and we will discuss how I can best support your goals.

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