Tools for Coaches and Practitioners

I believe these to be some of the best tools and education out there, which have made me a much stronger, successful and effective coach.


I use most all these items in my own practice and as you know, I am an educator, so I felt compelled to share them with my peers to Enjoy as well! Feel free to reach out with any questions…

Have you been struggling to have enough time to create content to share with your clients? Are you looking for sound, professional programs? Your in the right place!

The Health Coach Group provides programming for Health & Wellness Coaches. They have made doing business as a health coach so much easier, and allow you to move from helping folks one-on-one or hundreds or even 1,000’s at a time if you choose to place these programs online. These programs create a professional image and provide well-sourced materials, that are sharp, engaging and innovative, which you can use with your new or existing customers without worry.

I can help you get started, and show you how to use these to grow your business. I know they’ll make a difference for you. I’m always available to help, so let me know if you have any questions!


Start coaching clients right away with our tried-and-true programs.

The 12 Day Detox

The 12 Day Detox is a fun and effective way to cleanse the system. It’s 100% All Natural and whole foods with support and guided visualization to help your customers through the cleanse

Spiritual 28 Day Cleanse

28 Day Spiritual Cleanse program is one of the best program to immerse yourself in the spirit of meditation. Get in touch with your inner self. Grow spiritually and learn to let go of things that do not serve you. Each day is packed with information to help you understand more about meditation and its versatility.

Slim, Sexy and Smart

Slim, Sexy & Smart Program is to learn that you can eat good food, enjoy your food and lose weight all at the same time. Lose weight without dieting and discover how to eat your way to SLIM and enjoy doing it!

Physician Approved

The 12 Week Physician Approved HEALTHY HABITS program is the secret to losing weight once and for all! Every time you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve done it wrong.Normal people don’t have problems with their weight. Normal people just manage this without worry.

A Lighter Life

Lighter Life Program will be a real change for you. There will be tears, and pain and a lot of growth. There will be a drastic change and if you put everything into this program that you have – you will graduate in 12 weeks lighter and free of a lot of burdens.

Gut Health

Join 1000’s of people who’ve lost weight, improved their skin, lowered their blood sugar and reduced symptoms of disease with our gut health program. The program includes an easy preparation packet, daily modules, daily discussion questions, daily videos’A supportive community to cheer you on.

12 Month Program

The 12 Month Program is a new health regimen and changing your lifestyle can sometimes make you feel lost and alone. Believe me, I understand. That’s why we’ve built community and health coach support into this package.


Introducing “Healthie” for Your All-In-One Practice Management and Telehealth Platform. This is a wonderful program I use myself for my clients and for my programs delivery, so I wanted to share it with my health care cohorts!

What you gain?
Save Hours Every Week By Streamlining Your Process

? Reduce busywork with Healthie’s online intake forms

  • No need to email, fax, or snail mail documents
  • Save time on follow-up, because reminders are auto-sent to clients
  • E-signatures ensure you get needed permissions without printing

? Automate regular client follow-ups

  • Reduce no-show rates with automated appointment confirmations
  • Auto-send reminder emails, to encourage clients to log activities
  • Set your availability and allow clients to self-book, for easy scheduling for regular or tele-Health appointments

? Use the process that works best for you

  • Chart with your preferred template (e.g. ADIME, SOAP) to improve efficiency
  • Pick from a library of forms and charts relevant to your specialty
  • Get best practices and ideas from thousands of peers

? Process billing efficiently and effectively

  • Generate Superbills and CMS 1500 forms automatically
  • Track payments received and outstanding, to increase pay rates
  • Process client payments and securely keep credit cards on file and it’s HIPPA compliant!

Sign up and *automatically* receive: a Healthie credit – $70 each if your friend signs up for our small practice plan, and $100 each if practice plus.


Meeting Plans for Your Business

At The School of Applied Functional Medicine our seven-month semester program is designed to help you to launch your practice to the next level – and beyond with our Certified Functional Medicine Coaching (CFMC) designation that can be earned after two semesters from our Medical Review Board!

It’s meant for dedicated health professionals who want their clients’ experience to go from being mildly satisfied to wildly satisfied! As you further develop your practice, the Core 101 Semester can give you the clinical tools – and the confidence – that you need to make that happen, consistently. Our semesters are offered three times throughout the year for your convenience.

This is the school I went to so please reach out with any questions and place my name in the REFERRER AREA, so they know your a colleague! Welcome to an amazing family of top notch intellect and support!


Liability Insurance for those in the health and wellness industry

You will receive an Gift Card valued up to $20 by email for each qualifying order after the order ships

Dispensary for Practitioners

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