Educate Me: Don’t Lie to Me Book

Educate Me: Dont Lie to Me Book
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Book Summary: (For Dog Owners)

Dog owner: This book is for you if:

  • You want your dog to live a genuinely healthy life.
  • You’re no longer willing to put toxins on or in your dog.
  • You want a nutrition plan that can prevent disease, reduce disease, and/or put diseases into remission.
  • You want a science-based and common sense approach to pet health, wellness and nutrition.
  • You want to discover the truth about the pet food industry and veterinarian industry.
  • You are willing to raise your awareness and gain insights about how to increase your dog’s health, wellness and vitality.
    • As a dog owner, you will learn about a unique nutrition plan that is designed to optimize your dog’s health and lifespan. This comprehensive plan includes food lists, do’s and don’ts, weekly schedules and more.
    • This well-researched book covers knowledge gained from natural hygiene, terrain theory, holistic methodology, functional medicine, nutritional standards, and health coaching relative to dogs and humans. And guess what? It is all presented in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand style!
    • The dream is to empower dog (and cat) owners with the exact knowledge and strategies they need so their pets can live their lives as happy and healthy as possible.

Book Summary: (For Universities, Vets, Clinic Owners)

  • Are you a veterinarian or studying to become one? Do you own an animal clinic? If so, this book is for you if:
  • You want to show your clients how their dogs can live a genuinely healthy life.
  • You want to be able to teach your clients how to stop putting toxins on or in their dogs.
  • You want to learn a science-based nutrition plan that can prevent disease, reduce disease, and/or put diseases into remission.
  • You want a common sense approach to pet health, wellness and nutrition that you can simply and easily share about with dog owners.
  • You want to be fully informed and know the full truth about the pet food industry and veterinarian industry.
  • You are willing to raise your awareness and gain insights about how to increase the health, wellness and vitality of dogs.
    • In this heavily researched book, you will learn about a unique nutrition plan that is designed to optimize the health and lifespan of dogs. This comprehensive plan includes food lists, do’s and don’ts, weekly schedules and more. This book is overflowing with easy-to-use and dog-centric strategies that you can use as a dog owner and/or share with your clients.
    • This book covers knowledge gained from natural hygiene, terrain theory, holistic methodology, functional medicine, nutritional standards, and health coaching relative to dogs and humans. It is all presented in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand style that you can effortlessly convey to your clients.
    • The dream is to veterinarians, clinic owners, colleges and universities with the exact knowledge and strategies they need so their clients’ dogs can live their lives as happy and healthy as possible.

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The veterinary and commercial pet food industry have come a long way with health and wellness as a whole over the decades. As the years go on, industries progress. They learn and grow from our history and previous knowledge gained. Growing and becoming our best as individuals and professionals and utilizing technology and pharmaceuticals to their greatest extents are in essence what humans are taught to do from school age on. In a smaller number of cases, those skills are absolutely necessary to preserve life when tragedy and extreme situations strike.

So many new technologies and preventative testing methods have emerged recently. These can help give dogs greater and healthier lives. Even many pet foods and veterinary practices have transitioned into less chemically-oriented food choices for pets. This shift has paralleled our human food choices and medical testing in the United States, which have equally moved more toward preventative testing. More holistic and organic food choices for humans and pets are now abundantly available. These can serve to extend our lives, and in many cases, place diseases into remission.

The veterinary and commercialized pet food industry is noticing the demand to take the best care of our pets from owners and consumers. Specifically, they are beginning to more deeply understand our precious dogs. These beautiful animals we love and cherish are most definitely the center of our families. In most cases, they make our house a home.

This book endeavors to raise the level of awareness for dog health and wellness as a whole. It merges information from the two industries mentioned above into a pragmatic way for pet owners, professionals and industries to speak the same language about dog health, wellness, nutrition, disease prevention and remission.

This book covers knowledge gained from natural hygiene, terrain theory, holistic methodology, functional medicine, nutritional standards, and health coaching relative to dogs and humans. It gives an easy comparisonal view of how intertwined they are how they help build greater comprehension and application.

This book holds and advocates a common sense approach to pet health, wellness and nutrition. It can be added to a veterinary program curriculum, studied by holistic veterinarians in their practice, and read by traditional veterinarians who want to hear the latest research. This newfound knowledge relative to the pet food industry can create a bridge from the traditional veterinary industry to create a platform for updated vaccination protocols, health and wellness application and the research around them. It can also assist with nutritional suggestions for their clients and pet owners who are looking for a wellness approach versus a traditional drug-based approach to pet health and wellness. It can expand the options they can offer clients to help their clients reverse and possibly put into remission disease states.

Lastly, this book can also create a greater understanding of pet wellness and health to the pet food industry. It gives a greater understanding of dog anatomy, nutritional needs and includes new ways to create proper food choices for pets around the world. This method can prevent disease and restore health that has already been burdened by toxicity and incorrect feeding choices.

The goal is to create a platform for conversation for pet owners, the veterinary industry, and the commercialized pet food industry. The plan is to encourage the healthy steps that have already been made and to support each party in continuing to promote and foster forward expansive growth of the current growing wellness and prevention model relative to dogs health as a first step… rather than promoting the older traditional drug-based models. The human medical industry is also evolving right now, putting greater emphasis on the prevention of diseases and sickness.

My dream is that all dogs in the world are their happiest, healthiest, most joyful version of themselves. I want them to live as they were intended to live and be protected by the industries they depend on. Finally, I want to see dog owners empowered with the knowledge and confidence to do their best for the dogs!

There’s no greater gift you can give your dog than the priceless gift of true health. Dogs are beautiful beings of love and light that God placed on our planet for us to enjoy and love. What greater cause can any human feel is worth promoting and being devoted to rather than making their dogs lives the very best possible?

From The Author:

As you read, know that I am not writing or speaking against any industry or profession. I’m not going to paint a picture of good and evil. As we progress as a society, new research is created and found. New learning takes place and our collective knowledge grows. It’s not a perfect world, nor will it ever be. However, when it comes to our pets’ health, we are not victims. Additionally, I’m not claiming any industry is the villain. I do hold to the fact that pet owners rarely see or learn of the full story. I value truth and honesty. You do too. That’s why you’re reading this book.

That being said, the commercialized pet industry and traditional veterinary industry need to level up. Yes, I know it’s easier said than done. Still, they need to update to the latest information relative to dogs. They need to go to the next level concerning the health and wellness of their products. Honesty, transparency and clear communication are a must. Consumers need to know how products are created so they can make informed decisions. How can dog owners make smart decisions when they’re not given the full information? They can’t.

The commercialized pet food industry needs to hire people who know the information that you will read in this book. They need to have formal training in pet health, wellness, nutrition and safety before creating commercialized pet food products.

Traditional veterinarians are giving advice concerning what dogs should eat, both short term and long term. To give this advice, I advocate for them having the credentials to do so. At the very least, they should refer clients to professionals who hold such credentials.

The curriculum for veterinarian training must teach the latest research from the last decade at minimum, especially around the topics of immunity and vaccination protocols. Soon-to-be veterinarians need to know about short-term and long-term toxicity from vaccinations. They need to understand the impact of preventative products they recommend, like heart-worm and flea control medications. Pet owners should receive complete honesty at all times. If a treatment or product is not actually needed based on the dog’s health at the time and where the owner wants the dog to be, the vet needs to say so. Only then can a dog’s health and wellness truly be optimized.

Ultimately, I want what most dog owners want. For every industry that can potentially impact a dog’s health, I want those industries to place the dog’s health before their bottom line. The best interest of each dog’s health and wellness should be at the forefront and should be the driving factor.

For the latest updates or to get in touch for consultations at some point in the future, you can reach out to me here:


Facebook: Dog Health and Wellness

A Better Path To Pet Health

Everyday people are embracing a holistic movement to create better and safer living for their pets. This caring yet scientific approach leads to less need for harsh vaccination schedules and chemical treatments. The premise of this book is simply this: the healthier your dog is, the more years you’ll get to have him or her by your side to love and snuggle.

Our pets are always there for us no matter what, through the good and bad times. It’s time to educate ourselves so we can give them the best lives possible. After all, they take care of us everyday. Their lives and health fully depend on us. We are their whole world. As responsible pet owners, we must make sure that we are educating ourselves so we can make their lives as happy, healthy and protected as possible.

While I cannot say if the pet industry is purposefully lying to you, I do know that in the United States we are just as segmented with pet health and wellness as we are with human health and wellness. We all know there is a specialist for each body part nowadays. The same exists in the pet industry now. Whether it be the commercialized pet industry or the veterinary industry, each one embraces their own research and philosophies that came before them. I’d like to think we are all doing our best for the love of our pets. My hope is that you embrace that philosophy throughout this book.

As you read, I will give you the latest content and research surrounding the two industries above. You’ll see how they relate to the true health and wellness of your dog. I’ll also share my experiences and how I saved my dog’s life. Ultimately, you get to be the judge and jury.

For the last couple of decades, I’ve been an educator. I take my experience and knowledge from the field of education and couple it with my experience in the pet industry. On top of that, I add more than two decades of experience in the dog and horse industries. I pulled together some of the best content and latest research for you from the most influential industries in your pet’s health and wellness. I will share what I found, research and experience wise to help you understand what true health really means for your dog and will do my best to step you through the content and knowledge I have gained in over two decades in the industry personally and professionally and where that brought me today with my own dog and the steps I took to restore his health and resets every serious disease states occurring with him.

I invite you to enjoy and devour this book, my labor of love. I painstakingly and thoughtfully put it all together so you can create a healthy, happy and pain-free lifestyle for your dog or puppy. I know that has been the goal from the very beginning, when you first brought him or her into your family. It is my honor and privilege to share the knowledge that I have gained to benefit you and your dog. My hope is that you can extend that relationship for as long as possible, even if they are not just starting out and even if they are not in their best health right now. I do hope you enjoy and truly benefit as I lay out what it takes for health and wellness in your pet. At times, I’ll weave in health tips for you as well. I do this because many times what is good for our dogs is very good for us as well.

Before you learn about a better path to pet health, there’s something you need to know first…

The Most Common Path To Disease In Our Pets And How It’s Affecting Your Dog

The commercialized pet food industry excels at marketing its products. However, that fact does not necessarily mean that those companies know or care about what’s best for your dog’s health and wellness. It also does not mean that they know what contributes to the health and well-being of your dog.

The same holds true with standard traditional veterinary practices. These include prolonged annual vaccine schedules, along with flea, tick and/or heartworm treatments and the prescription of unnecessary drugs and antibiotics. With antibiotics, it’s very much like in the traditional medicine world of humans. We call it healthcare and health insurance. In reality, it is sick care and sick insurance unfortunately. As such, it is mislabelled exactly like the health and wellness standards for pet care.

It’s important for me to mention again that this book is not against the veterinarians or the pet industry. At the same time, I believe it’s important you know the whole story. For example, let me tell you about markups on some medications. “The American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA’s) Veterinary Fee Reference, 10th edition, reports markups of 113 percent for prescription drugs, 76 percent for heartworm preventatives, and 65 percent for flea/tick products.” (Myers, 2020) The May 2018 Veterinary Team Brief PDF discloses that heartworm preventive fees have a 90% markup.

The standard protocols of traditional veterinary therapies are as commercialized as the pet food industry. In fact, those two industries feed upon each other’s standard for marketing procedures… and it’s taking its toll on your dog’s health and wellness and quite frankly your bank account too. You think you’re loving your pet and being the best owner ever by taking your dog to the vet for those annual vaccinations. However, I will explain later how those vaccinations truly contribute to overall toxicity, especially in terms of over-vaccination. You will also learn how to discover if your pet has immunity before it’s suggested that you over-vaccinate your beloved pet.

Convenience Versus Health

Serving pet food products, such as kibble to dogs, or any commercialized pet food for that matter, is totally convenient. Open the bag, pour kibble in the bowl, and mealtime’s over, right? Easy peesy!

The problem is that feeding your dog centers around your convenience instead of your dog’s health. Shouldn’t we take more than a couple minutes to dump a cup, glob or freeze-dried food into a bowl? Absolutely. We show love to our pets through feeding them healthy and nutritious meals.

It is essential for dog owners who are committed to optimizing their dogs’ health to ask smart questions:

  • Is it healthy?
  • Is this real food?
  • Is it hazardous chemical free?
  • Is it toxin free?
  • Does this food make my dog sick?
  • Does what I’m feeding my dog contribute to disease?
  • What’s the cumulative effect of these foods on my dog’s health?
  • Am I truly loving my dog by what I’m feeding him or her?
  • Am I showing care and love to my dog with what I put on his or her body, and what they absorb through their paws and skin?
  • Am I aware and paying attention to what I put in and on my dog?
  • Am I aware of fertilizers in my backyard and runoff?
  • Am I aware of other people’s backyards on dog walks and their chemicals they put on their yards, so I wash my dogs feet off after dog walks to prevent absorption of those toxins?
  • Am I using toxin free shampoo? Flea treatments? Heartworm preventative?
  • Am I not tittering and instead unnecessarily over vaccinating my dog with toxic chemicals?
  • Am I aware of what’s actually in vaccinations, drugs, flea chemicals and preventatives?


Let’s get back to the topic of the pet food industry. The promises made on the packages of commercialized pet food are often exaggerated, puffery of sorts, and often out right inaccurate or both. A bulk of the product often comes from nutritionally empty and worthless byproducts that are sourced from ground up body parts and not the nutrient-rich parts unfortunately. These grotesque pieces could include beaks, ears, snouts, hooves, and/or whatever else falls to the floor during the rendering process in food production for human beings.

Meat packing companies make billions of dollars sending slaughterhouse waste into the pet food industry. Some of the animal byproducts contain tumors, lots of fat, and/or other compromised forms of tissue. These byproducts are then milled with grains or compacted into materials that dogs clearly do not need to eat. The quality of ingredients is so low that it barely qualifies as food for any living thing! Yet, hundreds of thousands of pet owners feed their animals those types of products on a daily basis. These items are what is in the majority of commercialized pet foods of all kinds. This includes kibble, canned, freeze dried, raw and organic pet foods.

Complicating the matter, many of these ingredients have zero nutritional value. They stress and damage your dog’s digestive tract, cause allergies due to mixing of plant foods with meat as well as the large amounts of fat, generate eating problems, and/or make your dog feel or become sick from an imbalanced gut. These issues commonly produce diarrhea, throwing up, inflammation showing up through allergies, and/or can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease or cancer. The mixing of toxic synthetic supplements and then fat creates even further complications.

The beneficiaries of all these problems are veterinarians, who in turn prescribe medicines, such as antibiotics. Vets are not in the business of restoring health. It really isn’t in their job description. Such endeavors are left to holistic and Chinese medicine vets, or pet nutritionists.

As a loving and caring pet owner, I’m sure you have taken your pet to the vet at one time or another because something was off. I’m guessing you received a medication first. This medication probably made them sicker, or perhaps you came to realize that it would not work long term. Next, you go back to the vet. Now the vet wants you to put your dog on an antibiotic. Sometimes the first antibiotic does not work even after your dog has been on it for a few weeks. Then, the vet puts your dog on a second different antibiotic. Still, after taking the recommended number of pills, your dog isn’t himself or herself and seems ill. They had my dog on one for two weeks. Then they did blood work for another for two weeks. It was insane. It gets exhausting and expensive fast, doesn’t it?

Did you know the most common answer to most issues vets are unsure about comes down to give your dog medication? These medicines create toxicity in your dog. They disturb his or her natural immunity. They even create toxicity that the body stores in tumors (which are away from organs to preserve health, other health conditions and reduce inflammation. Did you happen to know inflammation presents itself in many ways. It is the first dangerous step to cancer creation. We will get to that a little later.

To summarize and move on to our next topics, you should know that there are vicious health cycles that I want to help you break. If your dog is currently suffering, it’s quite plausible that you can restore your dog’s health and wellness, prevent further deterioration and save his/her life! That’s the difficult situation I was in with my dog a year ago. I loved and devotedly took him to the vet for twelve years. I thought that I was showing my love by being the best pet owner possible. I even fed him the most expensive organic commercialized dog and supplements on the market. I did titering testing. I never placed chemicals on his body or in the backyard.

Unfortunately and sadly, all of that was not sufficient! I had to find a way to save his life. You see, we were up for a splenectomy, internally biopsied and the like. My dog is very sensitive and needy. He would not have been a good candidate for what the vet recommended. I was told that with or without the surgery, my precious dog only had three to four months to live! Talk about heartbreaking news. I did not accept it. It was not good enough for me. Even with the most professional diagnostics from the best veterinary university and specialty clinic, I was still not convinced that I had the answers I needed to decide on surgery or not.

Now you see why this book and its content is so very personal and why I want to share it with you. The purpose of this book is to educate pet owners like you who love their dogs and want to provide the best life for them. It was written to provide eye-opening content to help you arrive at true health restoration and wellness for your dog.

In my quest to save my dog’s life, I was so blessed to learn and uncover invaluable information. I devoured multiple types of research from a wide array of sources in veterinary research and discipline. I spoke to the best of the best. I paid for a variety of consultations from experts to save my dog. My goal with this book is to give you everything I discovered so you can take exact steps to restore your dog’s health, and/or even prevent diseases from getting a foothold. If you want to optimize your dog’s health, reverse disease states, andor bring up your puppy healthy, keep reading.

Breaking The Cycle Is Faster And Easier Than You Think

If I share with you that it is remarkably easy to replace commercialized dog products with the food you typically have around the home every day, would you do it?

Would you take the time to learn a little a bit about health and nutrition for your dog, given what you’re reading here? I believe the answer is yes, given you purchased my book. I know that you are clearly looking for better ways. You’re not looking for information overload. You want real world advice that is broken down in a step-by-step way you can process, understand, and implement.

What if I told you the cost of making the feeding transition were similar to your daily cooking, and at times even cheaper than spending $15 to $50 on a bag of kibble? How does that sound?

That’s exactly what I’m talking about here! I’m not advocating that you take part in some science experiment in which you act like a chemist or doctor, mixing up meals for your pet. You’re more like the chef! Your dog is your patron. And get this, it’s fun and easy! We are talking about real and actual food, which can be regular or organic, for your dog that fits his or her unique body and digestive system. This will allow your dog to feel healthy and energetic without tummy trouble or the creation of allergies or inflammation. Your dog will have energy, be happy, have a beautiful coat and healthy teeth, simply from implementing this way of feeding. It may even create a new way to observe and connect with your dog, like it did for me.

Think of your normal kitchen like a local diner where your customers come in for food during the day. That’s all you have to do to break the cycle of serving up commercialized dog food. You can connect with your dog by observation and by creating your own language. This will allow you to immediately tell if there is a real problem or something you can totally handle through diet. That cycle is often the source of our pets’ health problems, along with vaccinations, drugs and topical chemicals put on your pet or that are in your backyard. We will address those in detail later in the book.

What The Research Says

To help you understand the urgency of serving your pet better food and show you how to avoid unnecessary and expensive trips to the veterinarian, I will share some research about the harmful effects of commercialized dog food and why it is not good for your pet.

Investigations on the source and effects of highly-processed pet foods have produced valuable insights into the damaging effects of commercial pet foods. One of the tactics used by pet food manufacturers to portray and sell their products as a healthy alternative is to pack the food with vitamins and other food-based supplements. Why? So they can present their product as essential, nutritionally “complete”. They present it as important and vital to your dog’s health, however there is no guarantee those supplements are either healthy or beneficial for your dog. Quite frankly, I will explain later why they are not.

Did you know that each item of actual food (fruit, vegetable, meat) that you eat or feed to your pet has the exact perfect amount of nutrient for that item and the perfect amount of conutrients for absorption of the vitamins in that food item? It’s remarkable! It’s almost impossible not to have complete nutrition with a varied nutrient dense diet.

As a reminder, “nutrients are compounds in foods that are essential to life and health. They provide us with energy. They are building blocks for repair and growth and substances that are necessary to regulate chemical processes.” (Australian Government Department Of Health, 2013)

Due to soil erosion and lack of crop rotation, our soil is less nutrient dense. This is why we always suggest organic so we avoid GMOs, pesticides and nutritional density. However, a dog can still do very well on non-organic food. When trying to reverse disease, it’s a better choice to use organic food which has less toxic chemicals.

The bold print on pet food packages often reads like this: “All the vitamins your pet needs to stay healthy!” Words like those are exceptionally deceptive. It is very convincing marketing by an industry that has to be fairly talented to make toxically baked, synthetic supplements and high-fat content sound like an awesomely healthy combination. In essence, they are working the sales side of their business well, but is it done in an honest and ethical manner? I’ll leave that for you to decide!

One recent study warns that cramming commercialized pet food full of supplements or vitamins is detrimental to a dog’s health. The study says, “Supplements can in no way make good any partial deficiency that may exist. The synthetic supplements are not usable in any circumstances, and the body treats them as drugs. It is the stimulus of drug effects that we mistake for health effects.” (Fry, n.d.) Earlier, we learned how drugs create toxicity and that toxicity is stored in tumors. The tumors are created by the body to preserve life. This is not a healthy way to preserve life or reverse disease in our pets.

Think about it. The addition of supplements in dog food is an admission by pet food manufacturers that the original product lacks real nutritional value.

About the Author

Dr. Stephanie Krol’s most important title isn’t what you’d think. It’s not past Dean of Schools in Higher Education for For-profit Allied Health Schools, current part owner of a Real Estate School or even Doctor. It’s not having multiple certifications in Certified Health and Wellness Coaching and Functional Medicine Coaching. Her favorite title is simple—dog owner. What makes her most proud isn’t her multiple titles, degrees or certifications. It’s the fact that she worked endless hours in an effort to save her dog’s life. Not only did she save him, he is now living a vibrant and happy life filled with energy, love and vitality. She teaches dog owners how to optimize their dog’s health by implementing a unique nutrition plan that is both science-based and common sense.

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