How To Save Dogs From Pain And Early Death, With Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist Coach, Dr. Stephanie Krol

Obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer are among the leading causes of death in dogs. Every dog owner will tell you that having a dog in the house is a commitment. They will also share with you how painful it is to lose their best buddy.

Certified raw dog food nutrition specialist, Dr. Stephanie Krol can relate to the strong emotional bond between dogs and their owners. She nearly lost her Jack Russell Terrier named Winston. However, Dr. Stephanie shared that most diseases that cause pain and early deaths among dogs are preventable diseases, just like they are in people. It’s also why she specializes in disease remission and reversal in people as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. “Dog owners can address many disease states through a species-appropriate proper raw diet,” she added.

That is why the former Higher Education Dean turned Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Coach strives to teach dog owners the right food to feed their dogs. “I have always had a strong emotional connection with all animals. I want to reverse disease in dogs and create a proper diet, so dogs can live happy, healthy, pain-free lives,” Dr. Stephanie said.

How Dr. Stephanie Almost Lost Winston

Dr. Stephanie described her dog, Winston, as a brilliant and rambunctious dog with a great sense of humor to other dogs and people. Together, they enjoy strolling in the park, wherein they pick on people who are not paying attention to their own dogs. “Winston loves to bark at them and wake them up. We Have so much fun together,” she narrated.

One day, Dr. Stephanie recounted that her dog began throwing up violently. She took Winston to the veterinary specialty clinic near her home. “The vet told me that aging is catching up with my dog. Winston had a little injury-induced fatty tumor on his right front leg. He was also having trouble seeing in the dark,” she said. However, she thought that those were just natural signs of aging.

“To be sure, I sought a second opinion at a University Clinic a few hours away, as I wanted to make sure I had the best diagnostics available. The vet also said the same thing – it was just aging,” Dr. Stephanie said. Upon ultrasound, the vet told her that he needed surgery or his spleen would rupture. “But even with surgery, the vet told me that I could still lose my best friend,” she added. Hearing the diagnosis was like a brutal blow to Dr. Stephanie. She felt that pain before when her horse died unexpectedly due to health complications.

Dr. Stephanie loves her dog so much that she refused to accept the vet’s prognosis. That is why she decided to take the matter into her own hands. She was determined to make her dog healthy again. “I do not want to lose my dog, so I took the big risks. I have decades of experience in research and experimentation. I have also coached many people into healthier lifestyles. I used all these pieces of knowledge to save my dog,” she explained.

Through research, Dr. Stephanie developed the proper diet for Winston to regain his vitality. “The simple change of diet did help my dog. But it did not happen overnight. It took some time before Winston became healthy again, but I saw weekly progress letting me know I was finally on the right path and my boy told me too,” she said.

“When I saw what happened to my dog, and how he loved what he was eating, I knew that I should share it with the world. There are dogs around the world who are suffering. The right diet could optimize their health and lifespan. It will also let them live a pain-free and joyful life,” she added.

Today, Winston lives a life filled with energy, love, and vitality and continues to join Dr. Stephanie in walking at the park.

Saving Dogs From Pain And Early Death

“Dogs have needs that go beyond love and affection. In addition, their dietary needs will vary as a species. Hence, it is essential to learn the unique nutritional requirement of your dog,” Dr. Stephanie explained.

As dog owners, Dr. Stephanie emphasized their responsibility to educate themselves, so their dogs can live happy, healthy, and protected lives. “Dogs are getting poor nutritional value because dog owners tend to feed their dogs around their convenience and not based on their dog’s health,” she said.

Dr. Stephanie added that numerous dogs worldwide are aging prematurely and dying early because of the overly processed, cleverly marketed commercial pet food. While researching how to heal her dog, Dr. Stephanie found out that most of the promises written on the labels of commercialized pet food are exaggerated. She discovered that the bulk of the pet food product comes from nutritionally empty and worthless animal by-products. “Most pet food comes from discarded animal parts that are not fit for human consumption and are rendered. Some of these animal by-products contain tumors, fat that is not good for your dog’s health,” she explained. Fatty adipose tissue is where loving animals store their toxins in their bodies to keep them away from their organs to preserve life, as we are feeding that to our dogs in commercialized diets. They definitely do not remove the skin or fat from the animals being ground up.

While trying to heal her dog, Dr. Stephanie discovered the proper raw diet to heal dogs and save them from pain and early death. “When I saw what it did for my dog, I knew that I needed to share this knowledge with other dog owners. I am convinced that it could help stop the sufferings of many dogs around the world,” she said.

Dr. Stephanie explained that dog owners should start asking themselves if the food they are giving to their dogs is healthy. “Am I feeding my dog with real food? Will this food make my dog sick or healthy?” she continued.

It is good to know that Dr. Stephanie can teach dog owners how to restore their dog’s health. She has developed a specialized diet that can help build the systems of dogs so our canine friends will not get sick. “I can coach you on how to prevent disease in your dog or reverse it if it already exists. Proper diet is the key to let your dog live a healthy and happy life,” she said.
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