What Can Pet Wellness Coach, Dr. Stephanie Krol, Teach You About Keeping Your Pets Healthy and Happy?

Researchers have found out that having a pet in the house can have positive benefits to its owner. Our pets, especially dogs, teach us about unconditional love. Dogs are never shy to show their affection to their owners. Playing with your dog could help lower blood pressure and even cholesterol levels.

Pets offer companionship that can help manage depression. Cuddling our pets can also reduce stress and bring about great happiness and fun. Pet wellness coach, Dr. Stephanie Krol knows the emotional and health benefits pets create in the house. Dr. Stephanie is an avid dog lover who owns a Jack Russell Terrier named Winston. “My dog and I love to stroll in the park to pick on people who are not paying attention to their dogs,” she said.

Dr. Stephanie is a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist. She was a former for-profit educator and sought-after Dean of Allied Health Schools. However, Dr. Stephanie confessed that her favorite title is being a dog owner. “I love my dog madly,” she added. That is why the former Dean turned pet wellness specialist is undertaking a mission to help dogs live pain-free lives, not to mention the countless dogs and cats out there with no traditional treatments available. “As pet owners, we are accountable for keeping our pets healthy and happy by feeding them the right food,” she continued.

Stephanie Nearly Lost Her Best Friend…

“Winston is a brilliant and rambunctious dog with a great sense of humor to other dogs and people. He is my constant stress relief and walking companion in the park,” Dr. Stephanie shared. She added that her dog is filled with energy, love, and vitality. “You would never be able to tell that I nearly lost my best friend,” she said.

Dr. Stephanie recounted that his dog began throwing up violently. She took Winston to the veterinary clinic near her home. Upon ultrasound, the vet told me that Winston had a splenic mass, liver nodules, but the biopsies didn’t indicate cancer, but even though they did not, it likely was that. He also had a slight injury-induced fatty tumor on his right front leg. “I also told the vet that I was noticing that he was having trouble seeing in the dark,” she said. The vet said that those were natural signs of aging. Not satisfied with the vet’s diagnosis, she sought a second opinion at a University Clinic a few hours away, as she wanted to make sure she had the best diagnostics available. The second vet also said the same thing. The second vet told her that Winston needed to undergo surgery or his spleen would rupture, and she would kill him if she didn’t. They couldn’t give her a reason why he was also currently sick, just drugs to stop symptoms. However, she contemplated that even with surgery because they said he had 3-4 months with and without surgery, and that didn’t make sense, and no one could explain that to her.

Dr. Stephanie loved her dog so much that she refused to accept the vet’s prognosis. That is why she decided to take the matter into her own hands. She was determined to make her dog healthy again. “I do not want to lose my dog, so I took the big risks and prayed day and night I had the time to reverse his disease state. I was on the right track for big rewards. I had decades of experience in research and experimentation. I have also coached many people into healthier lifestyles, helping them reverse disease states. I used all these pieces of knowledge to save my dog,” she explained.

Through research, Dr. Stephanie learned the proper diet that could help Winston regain his vitality. “The simple change of diet did save my dog, but it did not happen overnight. It took some time before Winston was healthy again,” she explained. When Dr. Stephanie saw what happened to her dog, she knew that she needed to share it with the world. It was just the right thing to do! “There are dogs around the world who are suffering. And what I have learned could help optimize their health and lifespan,” she added.

Keeping Your Pets Healthy With Proper Diet

“Every dog has a nutritional requirement different from another species,” Dr. Stephanie said. She pointed out that dog owners need to educate themselves to allow their dogs to live happy and healthy lives. However, Dr. Stephanie saw the problem. “Dog owners tend to feed their dogs around their convenience and not based on their dog’s health,” she continued, and they often seek out the wrong person to ask health, wellness, and nutrition questions.

Also, Dr. Stephanie discovered that many dogs are prematurely aging because they consume overly processed, cleverly marketed commercial pet food, are over-vaccinated and owners are putting unnecessary toxic chemicals on and in them out of fear, just like we do for people, sadly. “Most commercial pet foods are made of discarded animal byproducts which are no longer fit for human consumption called rendered foods. Some of these animal byproducts can contain tumors, lots of fat that are not good for your dog’s health,” she explained. Fatty/adipose tissue is where humans and pets store their toxins in their bodies to keep them away from their organs to preserve life, and that’s what we can be feeding in commercialized diets.

With this knowledge, Dr. Stephanie deeply dives into the traditional medical system dispelling myths to find out the right choice for dogs and cats. As a result, she successfully learned the proper raw diet that allowed Winston to be healthy again because she saw remarkable weekly progress. “The simple change in my dog’s diet made a big difference. Although, it did not happen overnight. It took several months before Winston regained his vitality,” she said.

Dr. Stephanie said that the right food could optimize the health and lifespan of dogs. “It is essential to learn the unique nutritional requirement of your dog,” Dr. Stephanie explained. She now uses the knowledge she acquired to teach dog owners how to restore their dog’s health through a specialized diet.

“I can teach dog owners how to stop putting toxins on their dogs. You will learn a science-based nutrition plan that can prevent disease in your dog. A proper raw diet is vital in keeping your dog healthy,” Dr. Stephanie said.

Learn how to keep your pets healthy and happier with more energy and love with Dr. Stephanie by visiting www.wellnessandhealthnow.com.

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