We can trace our relationship with dogs several millennia ago. The man and dog partnership started during the Ice Age with hunter-gatherers. Researchers have discovered human remains buried together with a dog in Germany that dates up to 15,000 years ago. However, recent studies suggest that humans might have domesticated dogs thousands of years earlier.

Ever since dogs have been our most loyal ally and companions. In the United States, nearly half of all American households have a pet dog. Pet wellness coach, Dr. Stephanie Krol knows the joy and happiness brought by having a dog in the house. Dr. Stephanie is the proud dog owner of a Jack Russell Terrier named Winston. She loves to stroll in the park with him.

“There is no question that we love our cuddly, furry pets. However, do we really love them? We need to consider how we are showing them, love. Is it meeting those annual veterinary appointments or feeding them properly daily, keeping them free of pain and disease? Are we feeding our dogs the right food that would make them healthier and happier with more energy and love to give because they feel amazing?” Dr. Stephanie remarked. That is why Dr. Stephanie is exerting her best efforts to help dogs worldwide live pain-free lives. She provides pet wellness coaching to pet owners and teaches them the proper diet for their dogs.

Healing Her Dog

Dr. Stephanie described her dog, Winston, as a brilliant and rambunctious dog with a great sense of humor to other dogs and people. Together, they enjoy strolling in the park, wherein they pick on people who are not paying attention to their dogs. “Winston loves to bark at them and wake them up. We have so much fun together,” she narrated.

However, Stephanie recounted that one day, her dog began throwing up violently. So she took Winston to the veterinary clinic near her home. The vet told her that Winston had a tiny fat tumor on his right front leg. “I also told the vet that Winston is also having trouble seeing in the dark. The vet responded that those are signs of aging,” she said.

Dr. Stephanie sought a second opinion. Unfortunately, the second vet also said the same thing. “The vet told me that Winston needed to undergo surgery, or his spleen would rupture and I would kill him if I didn’t,” she said. However, she contemplated that even with surgery, because they said he had 3-4 months with and without surgery, and that didn’t make sense and no one could really explain that to her.

“I refused to accept the vet’s prognosis. That is why I decided to take the matter into my own hands,” Dr. Stephanie said. Only I knew him fully, and how well I had taken care of him, and how far I would go to save him. That’s the missing piece a vet cannot know, so following a prognosis always deserves a 2nd opinion and lots of common sense. She was determined to make her dog healthy again.  “I do not want to lose my dog, so I took the big risks. I have decades of experience in research and experimentation. I have also coached many people into healthier lifestyles, helping them reverse disease states. I used all these pieces of knowledge to save my dog,” she explained.

Through research, Dr. Stephanie developed the proper diet for Winston to regain his vitality. “The simple change of diet did help my dog. But it did not happen overnight. It took some time before Winston became fully healthy again, but I saw weekly changes letting me know I was on the right track, unfortunately, that didn’t spare me my first well-earned grey hairs,” she said.

“When I saw how my dog healed, I knew that I should share it with the world. There might be dogs around the world who are suffering. The right diet could optimize their health and lifespan. It will also help them live a pain-free and joyful life, not to mention the countless dogs and cats out there with no treatment available,” she added.

Ensuring That Dogs Are Pain-Free Around The World!

Dr. Stephanie is now using what she had learned while finding ways to heal her dog, to help other dogs worldwide. She does not want other dog owners to experience the pain and trauma she faced when facing the situation wherein they could lose their best buddy. “I want to share what I have learned while navigating the traditional medical system to make the right food choice for her dog,” she said.

“My goal is to impart the knowledge that I have gained in healing my dog. I know that it could spare dogs from pain and suffering. “I have accomplished many things in the academic world, but saving my dog’s life is the greatest of all my achievements. Being able to continue to stroll with him is the most important thing in my life,” she added.

A Little Background About Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Stephanie is a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist. She holds a Certification in Animal Behavior for Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits and accreditation from the Association of Drugless Practitioners. Likewise, she is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and certified with the Commission for the Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is known as an avid dog and horse lover and a staunch advocate of animal rights.

For a couple of decades, Dr. Stephanie was an award-winning educator and a sought-after dean for Higher Education and Allied Health Schools.  After retiring, Dr. Stephanie pursued her passion for pet wellness by becoming the go-to person on the right way to take good care of dogs. “I find the root cause of certain diseases afflicting their pets. Then I provide pet owners a proper plan to reverse them,” she explained.

“I always have a strong emotional connection with all animals and a couple of humans. Doing pet wellness coaching is like rekindling an old deep love. I am passionate about it,” Dr. Stephanie added.
Learn how Dr. Stephanie can help you implement the proper nutritional plan to optimize your dog’s health by visiting www.wellnessandhealthnow.com.

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