My experience in the health and wellness industry has proven that despite the hard work and years rendered by professional physicians, they lack the integration of a holistic approach to addressing the root problem of diseases, specifically autoimmune diseases. Consequently, autoimmune diseases have become the top cause of death among those in the US today, because of systemic inflammation that can be tripped off throughout a body, and often starts in a person’s gut. What traditional doctors are trained to do, is either simply cut a body (surgeries), performing many unnecessary operations, or prescribing drugs that can worsen the conditions of individuals and definitely creates toxicity.

As certified health, wellness, and functional medicine practitioner, certified raw dog nutrition specialist, and health advocate, I have dedicated my time and expertise to discover novel ways of finding root causes of autoimmune diseases and restoring health by creating proper plans to reverse sicknesses. In addition to these endeavors, I am well-versed in the fundamentals of research, statistics, education, and helping clients attain their own success, which I parallel directly into my work for pets and people.

Similarly, veterinarians also have that same traditional training, when treating our furry friends. With that, I have dedicated my time and effort to study the complex processes to achieve optimal health and wellness for dogs, as well as cats and horses. Given the changing world in health and wellness, there is a need to shift our perspectives and challenge traditional norms with regard to animal care based on research that’s been done in the traditional community oddly and has not been implemented.

Not all disease states, should be treated under the knife per se

In my personal experience, arguably, most of the time, it all boils down to profitability. Some veterinarians would tell you to do things that are, in essence, bad for your pets for the sole purpose of your return to their clinic, which provides them financial gain unfortunately when a client asks for health restoration, wellness, and disease reversal that is best left to those in naturopathy, holistic healing or functional medicine, as those folks have the training to do just that.

My dog Winston—a brilliant and rambunctious dog with a great sense of humor—began throwing up violently one day. Instinctively, I brought him to a specialty veterinary clinic near my home. Winston supposedly needed to undergo surgery; otherwise, his spleen would rupture, and I would have to end his life.

Following my own intuitions governed by the doubts surrounding their statements and their lack of explanation for the need for surgery, I took the matter into my own hands, even after getting the same information from a specialty university as well stating the same information. It was important to acknowledge that only I knew my dog fully, how well I have taken care of him through the years, and how far I would go to save him.

Using common sense and decades of experience in research, I pieced all of my knowledge to save my Winston. Through research, I was able to make the proper diet for my dog to regain his vitality. However, it is worth noting that his recovery did not happen overnight; it was a gradual process that required attention and dedication.

When I saw how my dog healed weekly through things I could outwardly observe, I knew that I should share it with the world. Considering that other dogs around the globe are persistently suffering from pain because of the lack of good judgment and proper education and knowledge, it was a no-brainer to share my method in optimizing their health and lifespan, as well as help them live pain and disease-free joyful life.

If you want to learn more about how to implement the proper nutritional plan to optimize your dog’s health, you can reach me through these channels:

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