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Learn how important sleep hygiene is

Learn about putting into remission autoimmune diseases like type II diabetes, high blood pressure and many other diseases for functional medicine coaching information

Learn about reversing disease in your dog and cat as well as Pet Health Coaching


Certified Wellcoach

Learn how to optimize your physical, mental and spiritual health through diet, nutrition, green living, mindfulness, breathwork, functional medicine and other holistic self-care strategies.

Certified Health and Wellness & Functional Medicine Coaching and Educating, via Telehealth or phone as well as on-demand individual wellness programs, are offered above or below in the “Products” tabs, and are available to assist you!

Get healthy, and Troubleshoot roadblocks, tweak, or build a new health care plan.

Identify the underlying contributing factors for your symptoms and conditions.

Design or refine a diet that is right for you and your individual needs.

Take control of your own destiny and transform your life.

Reduce feelings of fear, helplessness, hopelessness, and loss of control.

Clarify goals and create a plan of action.

Empower yourself by becoming informed and developing a strong self-care plan to enhance your healing journey.


Regardless of which health condition you are facing, significant improvement can always be made with simple changes in diet and lifestyle.

Work with Dr. Stephanie!

Work With Dr. Stephanie!

Certified Health and Wellness Coaching, Certified Applied Functional Medicine Coaching and Health Education with Dr. Stephanie and her Team!

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Certified Wellcoach

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Dr. S partnered with me to work up quite a Health and Wellness Coaching plan that I was able to commit to over a 6 month period and make all my goals. I was most impressed with how well she captured what I wanted to work on to do extensive work with her on the Functional Medicine side as she educated me through the process, explained how I arrived at where I was and what it would take to put some of my symptoms in remission and I can say, my energy has been restored, my sleep is much more regular, and every other goal was met. I decided to see her regularly to continue progress. I recommend her to anyone suffering from autoimmune disease like high blood pressure and type II diabetes to needing to meet weekly goals, improving sleep, optimizing health and helping to meet goals given by your doctors!

John D.
Health Markets

Dr. S started working with me when I had been put on a very old antibiotic that isn’t used anymore by a dentist from a failed root canal. In 2 days my hands and body were in so much pain I had to put my hands in cold water when I got up to get my fingers moving. She assessed what was happening and my complete health profile from birth on with just a couple supplements which also improved my health, I was back to my non-painful self. She did a remarkable job! I continue to work with her to improve my health and optimize my nutrition so I go into retirement energetic and healthy. She is an exceptional talent and brillant how she mapped together my concerns to find the root cause and reverse my health issues. She has also helped me reverse wrinkles, healthier alternative foods and non-toxic makeup and what I put on my skin! Highly recommend! Whether its health coaching or functional medicine coaching, money well spent as I got what I needed!

Loraine K

I feel like Dr. Stephanie actually saved my life. After chemo she would always give me encouragement to keep a positive attitude and stay strong no matter what. I believed I would relapse and pass away but she was so pleasant and open and willing to discuss anything and everything with me just to keep me moving forward.

The most important along with so many other health related suggestions she discussed  with me everyday was to stay away from all forms of sugar products and to get as much rest as possible and to turn my back on stress completely.

She is my Angel which  I have told her many times. I will love her until the day I die! Thank you for everything Dr. Stepahnie! God bless you.

You’re a friend for life.

Eddie GoGo

Eddie G.
Broker/Owner, Go-Go Realty

Dr. Stephanie is phenomenal and her understanding of the basic health needs that of us as humans need. She knows how to narrow the scope of what is necessary to improve our health status without dangerous medication. I would recommend anyone who wants to live a healthy lengthy life talk to Dr. Stephanie. She knows what needs to be done to improve your life. She was able to reverse 5 of the 6 of my autoimmune diseases. We are still working on the 6th and we are almost 6/6, to complete health restoration. I used to be on 12 medications of which many were unnecessary. She advocated for my health with my doctor and I will be soon down to one, and with Dr. Stephanie’s assistance, we are working on getting off that one as well.

David M.

Always encouraging and supportive, Dr. Krol has allowed for my skills and development in the field of higher education to flourish. As a mentor she has given me useful advice and has helped me to realize my passion for furthering my growth in an educational setting. Working with and for Dr. Krol has been an amazing learning and growing experience that I greatly appreciate.

Meghan H.

Health Markets

I worked with Dr. Krol to implement one of the most successful Service Learning programs throughout the 40 Sanforld-Brown schools. With her direction and communication skills, her program chairs conducted as many as 12 Service Learning opportunities a month, It was a pleasure to work with Stephanie and I highly recommend her as a skillful leader in Higher Education.

Jamie Lee S.
Public Speaker

Knowing Dr. Stephanie is a pleasure and anyone who chooses to work with her, as their Mediator, will derive great benefit. Stephanie has an extensive and varied professional bachground and in each setting the outcome has been one of exzcellence, achievement and success. Her credentials in Education, Organizational Development and Psyschology are very valuable when working as a facilitator of communcation, in the mediation process. Her kind and relaxed manner of relating to clients will help them reach agreements that are solutions oriented. Mediating with Dr. Krol will help clients pave the way for future peaceful and effective communication.

Linda L.
Owner, Personal Coaching for Transitions and Alternative Dispute Resolution Consultant

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